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Institute of European Civilization’s Library is a professional library of world history. Its special collections involve studies of European civilization’s process, European economic-social history, which is unique in China domestic colleges and universities . After the investment and construction of the 10th Five-year plan, 11th Five-year plan and 12th Five-year plan, the library has a certain foundation of book collections and resources. It has a 200-square-meter library for professional books in western language and a 180-square-meter electronic reading room. The library consecutively purchased the Victory County History (197 volumes), Loeb Classical Library (523 volumes), the Statutes of the Realm (11 volumes), English Historical Documents (10 volumes), English Episcopal Acta (35 volumes), the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England (all 16 volumes), Encyclopedia Britannica (all 32 volumes) as well as some other large-scale authoritative academic monographs, large-scale foreign language reference books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, topicality bibliographies, documentation guides, historical atlases and so on. Its collections of professional books in English are more than 8,000 volumes, which greatly meet the high requirements of the discipline construction for the professional, academic, cutting-edge and innovative of documentary resources. It provides a strong guarantee for the leading position of world history study in academic field and training of high-level professionals in world history.


Institute of European Civilazation