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Economic and Social History Review of IEC was nominated f...
    On December 20, 2023, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Academy of History held the Guo Moruo Chinese History Award Meeting in Beijing. ...[详细]
Faculty Members Won the 18th Tianjin Outstanding Achievem...
    The 18th Tianjin Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award was recently announced, and three achievements in the discipline of world history of TNU were ...[详细]
Professor Rao Benzhong’s Project Won Grants of Tianjin 2...
    Tianjin 2023 Annual Project of Philosophy and Social Science was recently announced. Professor Rao Benzhong’s project A Study on Jewish Kibbutz Movement was...[详细]
Professor Yuan Zhihui’s Project Won Grant of 2023 Projec...
    Ministry of Education of China recently announced 2023 Projects in Humanities and Social Science. Professor Yuan Zhihui’s project On the Governance of Egypt...[详细]
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LIU Xuefei: On the Horse Breeding and Horse Politics in the Achaemenid Persian Empire
    Abstract:As the first empire in history to span three continents—Europe, Asia and Africa, the Achaemenid Persian Empire was vast with many ethnic groups, and relied heavily on the mobility of horses for its spatial governance and institutional operations. Thanks to the devel...[详细]
HOU Jianxin:The Evolution of European Civilization: Peasants’ Land Property Right
    Author: HOU JianxinPublisher: The Commercial PressPublication Date: December 2023ISBN: 9787100230155Introduction:The relationship between peasants and land is a longstanding and significant topic in the history of human civilization. Private ownership of land did not exist sin...[详细]
XU Bin: The Early Modernization of English Banking
    Abstract:From the mid-16th to the 17th century, English bankers emerged from the trades such as merchants, scriveners, goldsmiths and others. Although the origins of English banking lagged far behind those of the European continent, it began to be an up-and-coming trade by end...[详细]
JIANG Qizhou: On William George Hoskins and the Rise of Modern Urban History in Britain
    Abstract:It has seen a revolution in urban historiography in Britain from 1950s to 1970s or so, which made urban history became a separate research field, and the modern urban history came into being. WilliamGeorgeHoskins, the celebrated British historian, played a pioneer rol...[详细]
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Economic and Social History Review
Debates, Viewpoints, Roundtable
    1. Chris Wickham on ‘The Economic Logic of Medieval Societies’: A Response*Shami GhoshPast & Present, Volume 260, Issue 1, August 2023, Pages 269–286, Wickham’s theory regarding the feudal economy is predicated on the conti...[详细]
Is economic history changing its nature? Evidence from top journals
    AuthorMartina Cioni, Giovanni Federico & Michelangelo VastaAbstractA recent stream of literature argues that economic history is expanding its aim of looking for the historical roots of current outcomes (persistence studies) and that it is increasingly integrating with economi...[详细]
Peasants and food security in England and Wales c.1300
    AuthorPhillipp R. Schofield (Professor of Medieval History, Department of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University)ABSTRACTFood security is discussed with a particular focus on the decades either side of 1300, years characterised by poor weather and significant fluctu...[详细]
Reconstructing the Labour of Care in Early Modern England
    Author:Charmian Mansel (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK   Email: about what constitutes work in the past has led to the labour of care occupying a shadowy place in the histories of both medicine and the economy. T...[详细]
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