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Faculty Members Won the 18th Tianjin Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences
January 11, 2024  

The 18th Tianjin Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award was recently announced, and three achievements in the discipline of world history of TNU were awarded. Among them, The Course of Rural Urbanization in Europe and Its Meaning of Reference written by Professor Liu Jinghua's team won the special prize. The book was written by nearly 20 experts and scholars, including Professor Liu Jinghua, Professor Sun Litian, Professor Xu Bin, Associate Professor Zhao Wenjun, and Professor Li Youdong of the World History Discipline of Tianjin Normal University. The volumewas published in December 2020 by the Economic Science Publishing House.

Professor Zhang Naihe's article The Construction of Pluralism and Integration of Law in Medieval Western Europewon the first prize, which was published in Chinese Social Sciences, No.10, 2022. Professor Gu Yanfang's monograph Population Mobility and Rural Change in Early Modern Englandwon the second prize, which is the result of the National Social Science Project "Research on Population Mobility and Rural Change in Early Modern Britain". It was published by Oriental Pressin December 2022.


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