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Economic and Social History Review of IEC was nominated for the "Guo Moruo Chinese History Award" for Outstanding Historical Journals
March 7, 2024  

On December 20, 2023, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Academy of History held the Guo Moruo Chinese History Award Meeting in Beijing. The Economic and Social History Review, an academic journal of the Institute of European Civilizations, won the nomination award for Outstanding Historical Journals of the "Guo Moruo Chinese History Award".

The " Guo Moruo Chinese History Award " is the most authoritative award in Chinese history approved by the central government, and it is the first time to set up the Outstanding Historical Journals Award. Ten Excellence Awards and ten Nomination Awards have been selected from more than 110 historical journals across the country. It is also reported that the "Joint Conference System of Major National Historical Research and Teaching Institutions" was established by the Chinese Academy of History and IEC is among them. This new mechanism will play a role in the research of major national historical topics.


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