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Marketization and the Change of Land Tenancy Term in England
August 19, 2022  


REN Youquan (Yunnan University)


In the 19 century, the wave of marketization promoted the change of land tenancy term from longterm to short-term, which was mainly manifested in the replacement of fixed-term tenancy by yearly tenancy. Theoretically, the guarantee of yearly tenancy to the investment of tenants was not as good as that of fixed-term tenancy. However, the yearly tenancy was not only in line with the economic reality at that time, but also met the interests of landlords and tenants. Although there are some drawbacks of yearly tenancy, the negative impact in reality is not obvious. The spread of yearly tenancy did not destroy the traditional tenancy relationship, nor did it curb the growth of tenancy investment.

Published on Economic and Social History Review, Issue 2, 2021.


Institute of European Civilazation