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CHEN Lijun:Study on the Rural Grass-roots Organizations in England during the Social Transition Period
August 26, 2022  


Chen Lijun


People's Publishing House (August 2018)

Book Description

Professor Chen Lijun’s Study on the Rural Grass-roots Organizations in England During the Social Transition Period researches on therural grass-roots organization in England from medieval to early modern period, which further discover the mechanism of the transition in English society. The first part of the study explained the establishment of the rural grass-roots organizations in England before 15th century. With the construction of villages, manors, church and other communities, the power structure and legal system gradually improved, which laid a solid foundation for social transition. The second part analyzed the transformation of English rural organizations after 15th century. Rural social structure was broken down after decline of manor system. Peasants’ personal dependency weakened, the concept of contract was building and social interaction was expanding day by day. All heralded a new era in English rural society.


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