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​WANG Yuliang:A Study on the Rural Community in Late Medieval England
August 26, 2022  


Wang Yuliang


People's Publishing House (May 2011)

Book Description

England has a historical tradition of local self-government. Former domestic research on local self-governance were limited to the nobles and monarchy, parliament and monarchy and the self-governance of county orhundred and neglected the study of the villages. The analysis of the countries and villages mainly focused on the manor, lords and serfs and ignored the importance of villages inhabited by nature and its villagers.The book intends to indicate the life of the rural community in late medieval England from the aspects of economy, mutual aid, legal stuff, political self-government, and fights for freedom. It aims to show villagers’ rights of self-government from rural community in late medieval England, which reveals the social transition in late middle ages and its relationship with social development in modern England.


Institute of European Civilazation