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GU Yanfang:The Migration of the Village Labors and Urbanization in Medieval and Early Modern England
August 26, 2022  


Gu Yanfang


Central Compilation&Translation Press(August 2011)

Book Description

English Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and urbanization are not historical accidents or mutations, but the corollary of migration of the village labors and urbanization from middle ages. The study of them helps to enhance our understanding of the origin of modernization and urbanization.

The book outlines a historical image of English rural society’s transformation to modernization from 11th century to 18th century. By comparing horizontally with the countries of European continent and historically with the classical and Industrial Revolution, it reveals features of medieval and early modern England. It then builds a bridge between ancient and modern societies and explains English transition from traditional civilization to modern industrial society.


Institute of European Civilazation