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GU Yanfang:Population Mobility and Rural Change in Early Modern England
September 7, 2023  

Publisher: The Oriental Press (December 2022)


This book mainly examines the migration of English society in the early 16th and 17th centuries and its impact on rural society. The book is divided into five chapters, which describe the reasons for the formation of the tide of population migration in early modern England, the various patterns and types of population migration, and finally briefly analyze the grassroots governance, economic structure and ideological changes brought about by population migration. Academics usually focus on the rural-urban form of population migration, and relatively ignore other forms of population migration, such as the migration between villages, villages and towns, and urban population return, which are the main parts of the huge network of population movements. The migration connect English cities, villages, plains, mountains, and coasts, and their importance is self-evident. This research focuses on various population movement phenomena outside the standard model and explains them in depth. It reveals the complexity and multi-directional nature of population movements in the early modern period and will deepen the understanding of social change in England.


Institute of European Civilazation