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ZHENG Yang: Jewish Perceptions in Mediterranean World during the Hellenistic-Roman Period
May 15, 2024  

Author:Zheng Yang (Lecturer of Institute of European Civilization)

Publisher: Social Sciences Academic Press (April 2024)

ISBN: 978-7-5228-2742-1


The book utilizes various historical sources such as literature, papyrus, and inscriptions to explore the development characteristics of Jewish civilization during the Hellenistic-Roman period, with Jewish concepts as the entry point and carrier. It further analyzes the interactions and struggles among Jewish civilization, Egyptian civilization, Greek civilization, and Roman civilization. It provides a comprehensive depiction of the changes in Jewish concepts and the overlapping and variations of Jewish concepts caused by the mutual influences among the major civilizations of the Mediterranean world during that period. The book extensively examines the role played by civilization centrism in the process of ancient cultural interactions, providing valuable insights into understanding Jewish civilization and its relationship with the Mediterranean world during the relevant period.


Institute of European Civilazation