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XIE Fengzhai: The Evolution of European Civilization: Market Economy
May 27, 2024  


XIE Fengzhai (professor of Tianjin Normal University)

Publisher:The Commercial Press

Publication Date:May 2024



The market economy originated from the contractual feudal economy in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. With the formation of nation-states and the development of mercantilism, this type of economy rapidly expanded overseas from Western Europe and transitioned into a capitalist economy through competition. As competition among nations intensified, it led to the Industrial Revolution and eventually unleashed tremendous energy that swept across the globe, evolving into a globalized and super-economic form. Nowadays the market economy has become the main paradigm that constrains and regulates human life. It is seemingly transforming into an economic myth that shapes global economic integration. Exploring the origins and development of European market economy undoubtedly holds significant academic value and practical significance. This volume comprehensively examines and explores the historical processes of the emergence, growth, maturity, and development of the European market economy.


Institute of European Civilazation