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Free History Books of (2021-2023)
March 17, 2023  

Microhistories of Technology: Making the World

Archives and Records: Privacy, Personality Rights, and Access

Civic Continuities in an Age of Revolutionary Change, c.1750–1850

Europe and the Americas

Warranty Obligations in Western France, 1040–1270

Law, Custom, and Lordship

Work and Occupation in French and English Mental Hospitals, c.1918-1939

General Average and Risk Management in Medieval and Early Modern Maritime Business

Rethinking Secular Time in Victorian England

Histories of Experience in the World of Lived Religion

Making Humanitarian Crises: Emotions and Images in History

Theoretical Knowledge in the Mohist Canon

Feeling Political: Emotions and Institutions since 1789

Encounters and Practices of Petty Trade in Northern Europe, 1820–1960

Forgotten Livelihoods

Jesuit and English Experiences at the Mughal Court, c. 1580–1615

Publishing Sacrobosco’s De sphaera in Early Modern Europe

Modes of Material and Scientific Exchange

Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire, 1601–1698

Banishment in the Late Medieval Eastern Netherlands

Exile and Redemption in Kampen

Baltic Hospitality from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century

Receiving Strangers in Northeastern Europe

Travel Writings on Asia

Curiosity, Identities, and Knowledge Across the East, c. 1200 to the Present

Cold War Civil Defence in Western Europe

Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Survival and Preparedness

Bearing Witness

Ruth Harrison and British Farm Animal Welfare (1920–2000)

European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine, 1918–1948

Between Contention and Connection

Lived Nation as the History of Experiences and Emotions in Finland, 1800-2000

Global History with Chinese Characteristics

Autocratic States along the Silk Road in the Decline of the Spanish and Qing Empires 1680-1796

Civilian Lunatic Asylums During the First World War

A Study of Austerity on London's Fringe

Napoleonic Governance in the Netherlands and Northwest Germany

Conquest, Incorporation, and Integration

UK Child Migration to Australia, 1945-1970

A Study in Policy Failure

From Melancholia to Depression

Disordered Mood in Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry


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